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Love Great Skin

The Love Great Skin campaign was produced by Wounds UK on behalf of Midlands and East NHS to raise awareness of pressure ulcers in the care home and nursing home setting.

The pack comprises a number of tools, which utilise the five key elements of a simple care plan (known as SSKIN), and is supported by a series of 'how to guides' to help optimise care for at risk patients.
Who is at risk?
 The poster is available here

​For more details and resources, visit the Love Great Skin website


React to Red Skin

React to red

React to Red Skin is a pressure ulcer prevention campaign that is committed to educating as many people as possible about the dangers of pressure ulcers and the simple steps that can be take to avoid them. 

They have developed a simple form to help you check and record these areas called the Pressure Ulcer Triggers form.  Click here to download it.

If you are unfortunate enough to have to deal with a pressure ulcer then the following tool will help you to understand the various classifications of pressure ulcers that you may come into contact with.

React to Red also have information leaflets for family members so that they can understand how they can help to reduce pressure ulcers.  To use this leaflet please click here to download it.

​Many more resources are available from the React to Red Skin website

Pressure Ulcer Assessment

NHS Midlands & East produced this great 2 minute animation, as part of the Stop the Pressure Day. Take a look.


SSKIN Bundle

Shropshire Community Health have produced a great video, which outlines the 5 key messages to prevent pressure ulcers.


Care Home Pilot

WWIL in collaboration with a mattress manufacturer, Direct Healthcare Services (DHS), was successful in obtaining Welsh Government grant funding to undertake a technology based project in care homes. Working with partners, including care homes and a local IT company, whatAdata, the pilot aimed to assess equipment and staff knowledge of pressure ulcers, provide resources for improvement, and assess their impact.Care Home PilotWorking with 4 care homes in the SE Wales region, the initial phase consisted of skin assessment, an assessment of equipment, specifically focused on the quality of mattresses, and an assessment of the knowledge levels of the registered and non-registered nursing staff, via knowledge and attitude  uestionnaires.  Following this assessment, new mattresses were deployed via our partner organisation (DHS), bespoke training was provided and an e-learning platform was implemented via tablet, known as wwic.care.

The care homes were then revisited approximately three months later to evaluate the impact of the new equipment, training and education, and to assess whether this impacted on the number of pressure ulcers (PU’s) within the care home.  Detailed results were provided to each of the nursing homes.

Following completion of the implementation process, the care homes provided valuable feedback about which aspects went well, and where improvements could be made, predominantly around e-learning.  Overall, all care homes reported a positive experience and were keen to be involved in future projects.  Summarily, the project was very successful, and identified valuable learning for future developments in the care home sector. 

Pressure Ulcer Skin Care Bundle

Pressure Ulcer Skin Care Bundle

1000 Lives Wales produced documentation to assist in pressure ulcer prevention, through the use of the Skin Bundle Care Plan. You can access a copy here.

SSkin Care Resources

NHS Improvement have produced a SSKIN Care document to assist with the recording process. You can download a copy here.

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