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Survey Responses 2017 – Additional Comments

I wish it was a week long course. so much to learn from the experts.
I would have like to have sat in on a full examination of patient to gain a better understanding of how everyone works but all in all a very good course and would recommend. Thank you for the opportunity.
I found the whole experience extremely useful and would recommend it to anyone who wants to develop their understanding of wound management and particularly understanding it from the patient’s perspective. Please pass on my thanks to everyone for their help and support.
I was really impressed with the course and thought it gave a great insight into the actual 'on the ground' realities of patient care and wound healing. I found the time in clinic to be particularly valuable and Professor Harding's teaching style worked really well. I don't think I could recommend attending this course enough to people. Excellent course, should be rolled out to all members of the sales force! Thoroughly enjoyed the excellent interaction with the whole team. Thank you.
Highly recommended course, a good mix of practical and theory. Really enjoyed what was a challenging course for someone not dealing with the subject on a day to day basis, but who was engaged and interested.
The sessions in the clinics were great and I found the hands on experience very useful, however the workshop sessions I found to be less interactive. The session where we reviewed the wounds we had seen over the week was good as there was quite a lot of interaction and discussion amongst the group which I personally found beneficial and useful for my role as it gave us a chance to ask more detailed questions about the cases we had seen. The other sessions were more presentation based and I found these a lot less interactive and it was hard to remain focused for the entire time. I believe that more interaction in these sessions would have been useful in maintaining engagement. For example, looking into case studies and real life situations even exercises for the class to do. I must state that there was some of these interactions but maybe they could be reviewed and made more simulating.

Overall the course was well organised and seemed to run smoothly. I found it very useful to have the clinic in the afternoon on the Monday opposed to the morning, this gave us a chance to get an understanding of wound types and the assessment techniques before going to the clinic.
Really enjoyed it and got a lot out of the patient clinics and related discussions on diagnosis and treatment very useful indeed. Gained less from the theory sessions but that was just my own lack of engagement as have covered before. Overall a fantastic 3 days, thank you to all involved - would do it again with no hesitation if ever offered the chance!
This is the best Wound Care course I have been participating in. A main reason was set up with first the questions from Prof K Harding that made me be very engaged, followed up by explanation by Trudi Young between the patient visits. I will recommend this course for my colleagues
Overall very positive except on the question about learning materials. Maybe something to consider for future courses, some kind of handbook with key points and messages as a takeaway and reference guide.
Fantastic course, especially enjoyed the time with Prof Harding at the wound clinics - would love to have more time there! Would also like more time with Prof Clark as really enjoyed the clinical evidence session too
The commercial presentation from Michael was due to be sent over. If this could be followed up it would be appreciated as the content was really interesting and relevant
Survey Responses 2018 – Additional Comments

Thank you for the very good course. I would also suggest that we have Sam's training before entering any clinics. In my opinion that would have increased my understanding of what I observed regarding the wounds, causes, pathophysiology and care. I would also have liked a short session in negative pressure and the role it could play in wound healing. I do not expect it to be company specific.
Overall this was a very stimulating and educational course. The aim was to learn about wound healing and I have achieved this.
I absolutely loved the whole experience, quite honestly the best educational experience I have had for years. The enthusiasm of all the staff was terrific and very motivating, I have managed to book 3 customers on one of the June courses and will continue to promote this valuable and worthwhile experience for my customers and colleagues.
The only down side initially for me was that we had to travel down to the course on a Sunday (Mother’s Day) which impacted the family weekend. However, my enjoyment and knowledge gained from the course was most definitely worth it.
More emphasis on which wound dressings are used on the wounds and how they are chosen would have been welcome. However, this did not detract from the great experience all round.
Hope the course extended for full 5 days’ workshop not 3 days only....and if you can develop high diploma in wound care in one year will be great
The teaching was excellent and the time in clinic was invaluable.
The quality of the teaching was excellent and the time in clinic was invaluable. The course was very well organised and the information provided in advance and during the course was good.
My only neutral comment above related to the questionnaire - my paper was not available on the day so I was trying to work from memory. As discussed with Trudie at the end of the course, the group attending this course were quite experienced in reading scientific papers so the one course section on evidence and studies could have been condensed. The practical clinic sessions were excellent, with ample opportunity to discuss different wound types and treatment approaches - looking at the patient as a whole and not just focusing on the visible wounds. Thank you for a well-structured and delivered course.
A brilliant couple of days that I experienced and I have learnt a lot of common knowledge that I will pass onto my customers. It was one of the best courses I have ever been on and been part off.
It was a very well structured course and extremely informative - I would recommend any new starters do this course as part of their onboarding training as it really helps to piece together the journey of wound healing in a clear, concise and structured way - thoroughly enjoyed it all.
A fantastic course, run by an enthusiastic, dedicated and clearly expert group of people. Really insightful clinical sessions, although a chance to see a wider range of wounds would have been even better (appreciate it is always patient-dependent, and the diabetic foot clinic had to be rearranged). Also very useful to back up the clinical sessions with classroom-based sessions to discuss cases in more detail. Thank you all for your time, and please keep up the fantastic work!
Day one was very efficient when the 2 hospitals were close to each other as well as all lectures and discussions at the same place (WWIC) the second day. The third day would have been better if the morning lecture had taken place closer to the hospital visited during the afternoon. Now quite some time was spent on travelling in taxi.
Just wanted to drop you a quick message to say thank you for last week and looking after me so well.  The 3 days spent with Trudie and the team were really great, I got so much out of them. Please extend my thanks to Sam and Michael, both sessions were really enjoyable for me and hopefully not too painful for them! The Clinics with Trudie were so interesting, feel like I understand what I’m looking at now so much better than before, and great to spend time with such a lovely and knowledgeable lady.
Thank you for the opportunity to attend this course, I found it most interesting and beneficial. The organisation was excellent and all of the people I met were very generous with their time and expertise. I would highly recommend to my colleagues
Had a really great few days in Cardiff. I was lucky enough to be on my own so got 1-1 teaching which was great for me! I found all the sessions really useful but my time with Samantha Holloway going over the skin and wound healing was for me the area where I learnt the most. I really feel that for both clinical and non-clinical employees this 3 days is a must. I have been in the company for 9 years and in terms of knowledge around wounds and wound healing this was the best training I have had.
Thanks again to everyone.


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