Welsh wound Innovation Centre


The World's First Centre of Excellence in Wound Prevention & Treatment

The Welsh Wound Innovation Initiative was established to tackle the challenges associated with acute, traumatic and chronic, non-healing wounds and their treatment and prevention, in addition to other skin health issues. 
WWIC's vision is to improve wound prevention and treatment, the provision of expert clinical service, the quality of life for people with wounds and to also improve the cost-effectiveness of wound prevention and treatment across Wales and further afield. The Welsh Wound Innovation Initiative will advance the knowledge of wound prevention and treatment, and apply this knowledge to transform its management and delivery.

The Welsh Wound Innovation Centre


The Welsh Wound Innovation Centre

The Welsh Wound Innovation Centre (WWIC) provides the resources necessary to achieve a co-ordinated approach nationally, but also the strategic guidance to ensure delivery of the objectives required by all stakeholders, including patients.
The WWIC, as a core competence for Wales, will attract industry both during the start up phase but also at all levels of company growth.  Businesses wishing to enter this marketplace require both support and guidance. This element of the Initiative provides a significant economic development opportunity of Wales and the UK. The creation of a national, virtual science park focused on a clinical, public health issue.
The science park will provide new and existing businesses access to resources and like-minded businesses, which will help them to grow and develop and to form useful collaborations.
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