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All Wales Tissue Viability Nurses Forum

Across Wales there are a number of specialist tissue viability nurses and these individuals are members of the All Wales Tissue Viability Nurses Forum (AWTVNF). While providing a platform for sharing information and experience they foster collaborative working between AWTVNF members and other healthcare organisations, communities and individuals. The AWTVNF provide strategic guidance to facilitate a quality tissue viability service throughout Wales.

The idea of an All Wales tissue viability nurse group was generated following a formal meeting of the South Wales Tissue Viability Group with Rosemary Kennedy then Chief Nurse for Wales. Following informal discussion between tissue viability nurses from North and South Wales, the All Wales Tissue Viability Nurse Forum was formed in September 2003.


Prevention and management of moisture lesions
All Wales tissue viability nurse form
Prevention and management of skin tears
Larval debridement therapy
Tissue viability is an umbrella term covering skin health and wounding within people of all ages regardless of case setting and at any point along the patient's journey through their health care episode. Tissue viability skills include the holistic assessment of patients with actual or potential skin / tissue damage and the implementation of appropriate prevention and treatment strategies. It is a speciality that considers protection of tissue integrity alongside all aspects of skin and soft tissue injuries ranging from simple to complex wounds, across acute and chronic wounds, in addition to tissue damage consequential to underlying chronic disease e.g., venous hypertension.

The AWTVNF is accountable to the Chief Nurse for Wales, All Welsh Health Board Executive Nurses and to the NMC.
The AWTVNF has eight aims reflecting the six key principles from the Institute of Medicine (Design for life 2005) that state care should be Safe, Effective, Patient Centred, Timely, Efficient and Equitable
  1. To promote awareness of tissue viability issues to improve patient outcomes.

  2. To raise awareness of the impact of tissue viability on the Health and Wealth of Wales.

  3. To promote evidence based tissue viability practices and influence appropriate health policy within Wales.

  4. To be recognised by the Welsh Government as a knowledgeable and valuable resource.

  5. To contribute to the body of knowledge by initiating and participating in tissue viability research and audit.

  6. To improve patient outcomes by creating and maintaining links with academia and disseminating knowledge relating to tissue viability to all healthcare providers.

  7. To work in partnership with industry in order to improve patient care.

  8. To provide peer support to all tissue viability nurses working in Wales

NATVNS Scotland


National Association Tissue Viability Nurse Specialists (Scotland)

NATVNS (Scotland) was created in 1994 and has a current membership of approximately 50 Specialist nurses. The intention of its website is to extend the profile of its work to all health care workers within Scotland, the United Kingdom and worldwide.

You can access their website here.
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