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Teaching and Educational Portfolio for Care Homes and Local Authority

The Welsh Wound Innovation Centre (WWIC) has developed and delivered educational courses for a wide variety of staff groups working in the private, social care and local authority sectors. The educational content seeks to promote an understanding of skin integrity and aspects of wound care such as prevention, management, and treatment strategies.  The provision of structured tailored education sessions can assist health and social care providers to promote standardised practice which supports quality care and clinical governance across your organisational setting.

The educational portfolio identifies comprehensive examples of education and teaching resources that can be individually tailored to the requirements of each setting. The educational units are designed to reflect the needs of the organisation to include consideration of the learner and the knowledge and skills that are required to promote and maintain skin integrity of the individuals that are cared for within the learner’s day to day working environment. 

Examples of educational sessions available include:
  • Pressure ulcer assessment, management, and prevention.
  • Maintaining skin integrity including management of frail skin (Prevention of skin tears and Moisture associated dermatitis).
  • Wound assessment.
  •  Dressing selection.
Sessions can be delivered virtually via Teams or face to face according to organisational requirements.

For further information please contact:
Kirsten Mahoney MSc,BSc,IP,RGN or Jane James MSc,PGCE,IP,RGN
Senior Tissue Viability Nurse and Clinical Operational Programme Improvement Lead
Tel:     +44 (0) 1443 443 870
Email: Kirsty.Mahoney@wwic.wales  or Jane.James@wwic.wales

A guide for Teachning and Educational Portfolio can be downloaded from here


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