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Clinical trialsResearch activity includes:
  • Product evaluations
  • Clinical trials including patients
  • Clinical trials collecting biological samples
  • Healthy volunteer studies
During the last year 150 patients were recruited into evaluative projects, with over 400 recruited in total.

There have been 2 ongoing projects developing the possibility of diagnostic testing.
  1. Diagnostics is a continued interest of WWII. As a result of completion of a high profile sample collection study to an extremely high standard, a large pharma company has confirmed funding for the second phase of the project with a start date in June 2017. The study will involve sequential sampling of a cohort of patients. The results of both projects may lead to the development of biological treatments to expedite healing of the more challenging complex wounds that have a debilitating effect on patients’ lives.
  2. The second project is a collaborative project between Cardiff University and WWII. Funding has been secured to further develop the identification of markers within wound fluid to help identify healing and non-healing wounds.   Early identification of non-healing wounds will allow for early intervention and use of appropriate treatments for patients.
WWII has been supporting Aneurin Bevan University Health Board in the development of their Research and Innovation Centre. This had allowed the patients in the Gwent area to attend a local research clinic. Informal feedback has been very positive and we aim to conduct a more formal patient satisfaction survey during 2017.

Two new studies have been given approval by Cwm Taf University Health Board, and we are working with the cluster clinic in Cwm Cynon hospital who are helping identify suitable patients.


During 2016 a joint collaboration between CEDAR, WWIC and the 3 Health Boards in South East Wales resulted in securing RfPb funding. This is the first study where WWIC will recruit patients across the 3 Health Boards. The project is about to go to ethics committee for review. More details are available from the CEDAR website.
Patient involvement in WWIC clinical investigations.

WWIC continues to draw upon the strong support of NHS patients who have been referred to the Wound Healing Research Unit’s clinics as well as those who have participated in past clinical studies.  A patient panel has been created to expressly bring the patients’ views and opinions of living with wounds both to clinical study protocol development and to help guide appropriate product development. 

The Bluebelle Study: Undressing Wound Infections

Researchers from the Universities of Bristol and Birmingham received funding from the UK National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) in 2014 for the Bluebelle Study - a comprehensive look at the role of wound dressings in preventing infection. Trudie Young, WWIC's Director of Education and Training has been a member of the Study Group, which has just completed its pilot stage.

More information is available from the Bristol University website.
Blue Belle study
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