Welsh wound Innovation Centre


WWIC recognises its commitment to the standardisation of wound care education within and beyond Wales.

WWIC is able to endorse material from a wide range of sources e.g. educational institutions, commercial sector, ‘not for profit’ organisations, the NHS and registered charities.

A WWIC endorsement committee (WWICEC) will comprise of national and international experts in the field of tissue viability, education, research and health economics. The role of the WWICEC  is to review all applications for endorsement.

The advantages of WWIC endorsement are as follows:

  • An expert peer reviewed examination of the proposed content.
  • The use of the WWIC logo to promote and advertise the material.
  • A nationally recognised quality branding that recognises the scientific, academic and contemporary nature of the material.
  • The endorsed material will be listed on and promoted via the WWIC website.

WWIC will provide e-certificates following receipt of proof of course completion.

WWIC will endorse material that is provided in the medium of English or Welsh, or both languages.
For an informal discussion on your requirements, please contact Trudie Young at Trudie.young@wwic.wales 

An example of WWIC endorsement is included on the Lindsay Leg club learning zone site http://www.learningzone.legclub.org/ 

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