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Skin Tears

The International Skin Tears Advisory Panel (ISTAP) provides resources for the management of skin tears. The link to their website is here.

​They have produced a skin care resource kit, which is available here.
All Wales Tissue Viability Nurse Forum

In addition the All Wales Tissue Viability Nurse Forum published All Wales guidance in 2015.

All Wales Tissue Viability Nurse ForumThe Prevention and Management of Skin Tears
Wounds Canada

​Wounds Canada ​was established in 1995, Wounds Canada (Canadian Association of Wound Care), as a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of wound prevention and management by being the leading knowledge mobilization organization relating to wounds in Canada. Wounds Canada’s efforts are focused on four key areas:
  • Education
  • Research
  • Advocacy and Awareness
  • Partnerships
They produce a range of Best Practice Recommendations, and you can find a copy of their publication about the Prevention and Management of Skin Tears here. More information is available from the Wounds Canada website.

Prevention and management of skin tears
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