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Commercial Education 

WWIC is able to deliver a range of educational opportunities for commercial associates and healthcare providers.

The educational experiences available include a range of clinical placements combined with formal lectures and discussion groups held within the clinic environment at WWIC headquarters in Llantrisant, South Wales.

The educational opportunities aim to provide the following;
  • An insight into complex wound management in a clinical setting
  • The chance to analyse the relationship between product concept, research and development, sales and marketing and clinical requirements
  •  Time to experience first-hand the wound care challenges faced by clinicians and patients
  • An understanding of the role of research in tissue viability
  • Knowledge of the theory and practice of wound healing.
The educational visits can be tailor made to meet the requirements of the audience considering current areas of interest.

The visits can be from 1 – 3 days and can be for individuals or groups of a maximum of 4 people.

There is no pre-requisite of knowledge or experience required and the courses are open to new company starters or very experienced individuals. The delegates are not required to have a user interface role and people from research and development, new concept design, local representatives, sales and marketing and CEO’s are all welcome.

The experience can be built into any internal induction program to allow individuals to enhance the company induction with clinical experience.

Cyfleoedd Addysg Masnachol

Mae WWIC yn cynnig amrywiaeth o gyfleoedd addysgol i gysylltiadau masnachol a darparwyr gofal iechyd.

Mae’r profiadau addysgol sydd ar gael yn cynnwys amrywiaeth o leoliadau clinigol wedi’u cyfuno â darlithoedd ffurfiol a grwpiau trafod a gynhelir yn yr amgylchedd clinigol yn WWIC.

Nod y cyfleoedd addysgol yw darparu:
  • Cipolwg ar waith rheoli clwyfau cymhleth mewn lleoliad clinigol
  • Cyfle i ddadansoddi’r berthynas rhwng y cysyniad o gynnyrch, ymchwil a datblygu, gwerthu a marchnata a gofynion clinigol
  • Profiad uniongyrchol o’r heriau gofal clwyfau y mae clinigwyr a chleifion yn eu hwynebu
  • Dealltwriaeth o rôl ymchwil o ran hyfywedd meinwe
  • Gwybodaeth am theori ac arfer gwella clwyfau.
Gall yr ymweliadau addysgol gael eu teilwra i fodloni gofynion y gynulleidfa o ystyried meysydd o ddiddordeb.

Gall ymweliadau fod rhwng 1 - 3 diwrnod a gallant fod ar gyfer unigolion neu grwpiau o 4 ar y mwyaf.

Does dim angen gwybodaeth na phrofiad ymlaen llaw, ac mae’r cyrsiau ar agor i weithwyr newydd cwmnïau neu unigolion profiadol iawn. Nid oes angen i’r cynrychiolwyr fod â rôl sy’n rhyngweithio â defnyddwyr, ac mae croeso i ymchwilwyr a datblygwyr, dylunwyr cysyniadau newydd, cynrychiolwyr lleol, swyddogion gwerthu a marchnata a Phrif Weithredwyr.

Gall y profiad gael ei adeiladu i mewn i unrhyw raglen sefydlu fewnol i roi’r cyfle i unigolion wella cyfnod sefydlu’r cwmni â phrofiad clinigol.

The clinicians that will be involved in the experience and teaching in the clinic and the classroom setting include Professor Keith Harding, Professor Michael Clark, Trudie Young, Sam Holloway, Kirsten Mahoney, Nia Jones, Wendy Davies, Nicky Ivins and her team of research nurses.

Feedback From Previous Participants

"Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, the staff were brilliant and I learnt far more than I ever expected in just a few short days. Thank you again."

"Great course. Really improved my confidence with wound healing. Liked the blend of theory and practice and ability to see a varied case load of patients. Trudie was very supportive and happy to explain and recap knowledge which was great. Also nice to see the passion of the staff coming across both on the course and in clinic. Course is highly recommended for anyone who needs to understand wound healing."

"The course was excellent. Packed with useful information, delivered in a way that was easy to understand but with lots of content. In particularly liked the clinics & the sessions with Trudie & Sam."

"A well-structured, inspiring training course great for non-clinical staff to better understand the challenges of wound care in a practical context
I would recommend this course to anyone working within the Medical Device industry."

"It was fantastic experience which anyone attending the course would benefit from. Trudy, Prof and the rest of the team were Brilliant towards us and every patient they saw. We are lucky that there is an institution out there with such knowledgeable and caring people working for us. A Big thank you. to everyone."

"Didn't partake in the clinics on Monday as it was bank holiday. Disappointed I missed them as I had heard the full day in the clinics was good.
Excellent throughout, very friendly and positive atmosphere and people."

To see feedback from 2018 click here.

For further information on any of our services please contact Trudie Young, WWIC's Director of Education and Training at Trudie.Young@wwic.wales
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